This is the all I do, that is the what 3D Printer do :)

Hello everyone,

This is my first post in english. I need this kind of something to practice :/ And I adviseZAXE 3D Printer
your all. Because I do not use english even in the office, either speaking or writing. Thus I decided to write posts in english at the blog. I will write posts in english for few content in a month.

Ok! Let’s start to talk about something new for today, but not for the future… I chose an interesting headline for this post 🙂 I will show you something different as I said not for the future. Homemade automotive parts. At these days some of  big bosses or leader of 3D Printings sector’s told that manufacturing techniques and logistic can completely change in the future.. Local stations will occur according to requirements and can manufacture all kind of parts. They can be transported easily, separately, one or hundred piece.
I joined an event, a 3D printing hackathon about designing toys for adults last month. Tahsin Demir, who was one of the mentors of event, told a true story. He told to us, a man came with a part on his hand and asked them. ” Can you make this part for me? ” They analysed the part and said ok. The part was a component of Audi. it was too expensive in Audi services, but they produce the part at much lower cost with 3D printer than original one. That’s great, isn’t it 🙂  And my story begins here…

I will tell you same story as you just read. I had the same problem in our car, there was a little cover on door handle. Cover has two kinds of snap fit on sides for locking and housing. One of them was broken. Original part is not sold as stand alone. You have to buy with all the door handle. You can see it below.

Kapı KoluKapak

I glued it but did not worked well. Than I decided to make something different 🙂
I designed a new snap fits for this cover and hole according to assembly clearances.

After a prototype to verification of dimensions, i completed final part.

 Raft Ayırma

You can see all steps at below;

İlk Çıktı

Yuzey Temizleme

I cleaned the surface with a handheld drill/grinder.

Ölçü Kontrol

Ready for assembly, just with a little click 🙂

Kapak Montajı

it looks great and fits with hole very well.

The Truth is, manufacturing technology of the future will be completely different. This is a theoretical approach but it is real and easy as you can see.
After this post, we will talk about CAD for kids, is it important for us ? etc.

See you soon.

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